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Sante Plus Hospitals Group is a health group, consists of 5 hospitals located in Turkey, North Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo. All hospitals in our group are "General Medicine" hospitals, giving 15 different branches of medicine. Also as a group we have medical centers in 12 different countries in Balkans, Middle East and EuroAsia countries.  

With the European standards and technological equipment Sante Plus Group in Turkey and Balkan countries operates with the base of the management philosophy “providing all health services, without making concessions from medical ethics, respecting the rights of the patients, affording advanced health technology, with its beds and facilities, approaching Istanbul and the society with "A" group hospital management concept in all health services”

Prof Dr Ahmet ÇOLAK


Prof Dr Mustafa YILMAZ


Spec Dr Şükrü BERİN

Orthopedy & Traumatology

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Radiation Oncology

*The services listed can differentiate among each hospital. Please go to our contact page to learn more about all hospital services.

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Sante Plus Turkey

Turan Güneş Cad. No:117 

Zeytinburnu / Istanbul/Turkey

Tel: +90 212 664 65 55


Sante Plus N.Macedonia - 1

Alekso Demnievski, Skopje 1000, North Macedonia

Tel: +389 2 511 2016


Sante Plus N.Macedonia - 2

Bul. Partizanski Odredi br. 42 1000 Skopje, R.S. Macedonia Tel: +389 2 310 888 6


Sante Plus Montenegro

Prva banka Podgorica, bb Vuka Karadžića, 81000Podgorica, Montenegro​

Tel: +90 212 664 65 55


Sante Plus Kosovo

Magjistralja Prishtinë - Gjilan Graçanicë, Kosovo

Tel: +383 38 400 800


Sante Plus Albania

Zogu I Zi Square - 

Tirana - Albania

Tel: +355 68 504 0500


Sante Plus Serbia

ul.Kralja Milutina br. 40

Belgrad ,Srbija

Tel: +381 69 614 041


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