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Sante Plus Hospital Turkey

Our hospital in Turkey is a general hospital located in Istanbul. Sante Plus Hospital with it's newly established medical infrastructure giving medical service in 12 different branches of medicine. Sante Plus Hospital Turkey, with it's growing capacity of it's patients not only in Turkey but also from 12 different countries.

Sante Plus Hospital N.Macedonia 1

Our hospital in Skopje/N.Macedonia is focused mainly on Gynecology, maternity and other surgical branches. With its infrastructure and highly skilled medical staff, Sante Plus N.Macedonia - 1 hospital gives one of the best treatment experience to all of its patients in the region.

Sante Plus Hospital N.Macedonia 2

Our second hospital in N.Macedonia is located in the very city center of Skopje, the  capital city of N.Macedonia. Sante Plus N.Macedonia - 2 hospital gives high quality services in various branches like Check-up Clinic, Internal Diseases, ENT, Opthalmology, Dermatology, Oral Surgery.

Sante Plus Hospital Albania

Sante Plus Albania Hospital, which is centrally located in Tirana / Albania, serves its patients in 18 branches of medicine, and provides services to the peoples of Albania and neighboring countries with 3 fully equipped operating rooms, delivery rooms and infant intensive care units.

Sante Plus Hospital Kosovo

With its location in Pristina / Kosovo and its 45-bed capacity, Sante Plus Kosovo Hospital serves the people of Kosovo within the concept of "General Hospital", and successfully meets all the examination and treatment needs of its patients with its elite medical team and strong technical infrastructure.

Sante Plus Turkey

Turan Güneş Cad. No:117 

Zeytinburnu / Istanbul/Turkey

Tel: +90 212 664 65 55

E-Mail: info@santeplus.com.tr

Sante Plus N.Macedonia - 1

Alekso Demnievski, Skopje 1000, North Macedonia

Tel: +389 2 511 2016

E-Mail: nmk@santeplusgroup.com

Sante Plus N.Macedonia - 2

Bul. Partizanski Odredi br. 42 1000 Skopje, R.S. Macedonia Tel: +389 2 310 888 6

E-Mail: nmk@santeplusgroup.com

Sante Plus Montenegro

Prva banka Podgorica, bb Vuka Karadžića, 81000Podgorica, Montenegro​

Tel: +90 212 664 65 55

E-Mail: mne@santeplusgroup.com

Sante Plus Kosovo

Magjistralja Prishtinë - Gjilan Graçanicë, Kosovo

Tel: +383 38 400 800

E-Mail: kosovo@santeplusgroup.com

Sante Plus Albania

Zogu I Zi Square - 

Tirana - Albania

Tel: +355 68 504 0500

E-Mail: albania@santeplusgroup.com

Sante Plus Serbia

ul.Kralja Milutina br. 40

Belgrad ,Srbija

Tel: +381 69 614 041

Email: serbia@santeplusgroup.com

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