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Patient and Companion Responsibility

  • It is the responsibility of the patients and their relatives to transfer this information to the people who are directly responsible for the treatment and care of the patient, since the evaluation of the health information of the patients and their relatives is necessary in providing diagnosis and treatment.

  • When patients and their relatives have difficulties in understanding the explanations about diagnosis and treatment, they should report this to the people responsible for the patient's care and ask all questions that come to mind.

  • The patient and his / her relatives should inform the people responsible for the patient's unexpected developments during the treatment and follow-up period.

  • After the patient and his relatives are informed about the medical condition of the patient and whether they understand the explanations correctly, they should actively participate in the decisions to be taken and report whether they approve the treatment.

  • It should convey its questions and opinions to the relevant departments of the institution about the issues related to the health of the patient and in need, how to reach the related units and how they can benefit from them.

  • In case of changing basic information such as name, surname, address, telephone, registration number, the institution should be informed.

  • The financial responsibility of the health service received by the patients and their relatives or the issues related to the health insurance system belong to the patients and their relatives.

  • Patients and their relatives should consider the rights of other patients and healthcare professionals.

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