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Welcome to Sante Plus.

With the European standards and technological equipment Sante Plus Hospitals Group in Turkey and Balkan countries operates with the base of the management philosophy“providing all health services, without making concessions from medical ethics, respecting the rights of the patients, affording advanced health technology, with highly-standardized facilities, approaching a big majority of the society with "A" group hospital management concept in all health services”.



Our hospital in Turkey is a general hospital located in Istanbul. Sante Plus Hospital with it's newly established medical infrastructure giving medical service in 12 different branches of medicine. Sante Plus Hospital Turkey, with it's growing capacity of it's patients not only in Turkey but also in 12 different countries.

Sante Plus Turkey Hospital is also focused on international patients with it's tailored services for their needs during treatments for the native language translators, transportation of the patients from airports, flight plan for the treatments.

Our hospital in Skopje/N.Macedonia is focused mainly on Gynecology, maternity and other surgical branches. With its infrastructure and highly skilled medical staff, Sante Plus N.Macedonia - 1 hospital gives one of the best treatment experience to all of its patients in the region. Infertility treatment and IVF clinic in the hospital makes many couples happy all around balkans with its success rate with the infertility treatments.


Our second hospital in N.Macedonia is located in the very city center of Skopje, the  capital city of N.Macedonia. Sante Plus N.Macedonia - 2 hospital gives high quality services in various branches like Check-up Clinic, Internal Diseases, ENT, Opthalmology, Dermatology, Oral Surgery.. In addition, the Labor Medicine branch is preferred by many patients that has liability to have periodic check up in their work field.

Sante Plus Albania Hospital, which is centrally located in Tirana / Albania, serves its patients in 18 branches of medicine and serves the peoples of Albania and neighboring countries with its 3 fully equipped operating rooms, delivery room and infant intensive care units. Our Sante Plus Albania Hospital consists of 3 detached buildings and thanks to its central location in Tirana, it provides easy access to all patients.


With its location in Pristina / Kosovo and its 45-bed capacity, Sante Plus Kosovo Hospital serves the people of Kosovo within the concept of "General Hospital", and successfully meets all the examination and treatment needs of its patients with its elite medical team and strong technical infrastructure. With 3 operating rooms, intensive care units, single suites and standard rooms, Sante Plus Kosova Hospital continues its activities successfully in the region.

Being at your service and giving you technical hospital equipment, professional doctors and health personnel in the field will make our hospital very happy.


Adding better health values to our services for you and advancing the principles of health technology but first of all, to be the most preferred hospital of all.

Maintaining preventive and corrective health care services to all of our patients, without making concessions from medical ethics in society and giving informative and common structure in order to provide quality and economic conditions.


  • Patient satisfaction:

Our first goal is to give a high level of human health protection. In line with this concept, we keep our patients’ expectations and satisfaction at the best level.

  • Patient rights – privacy:

All patients data that received treatment in Sante Plus Hospitals cannot be shared, copied or deleted without the patient's consent 

  • Constant improvement:

In our system we constantly review and analyze the main source of care while increasing the attention to advanced achievements.

  • Employee satisfaction Teamwork:

We believe that no individual’s effort should be overhead teamwork’s. We celebrate institutional success altogether.

  • Technological Innovation

Knowing that every day is another innovation ahead, our instructor are pioneers in forecasting the health practices.

  • Precise Health Service Statement

We give an opportunity to our patients and employees to openly share their opinions and thoughts about any area or field.

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