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Nutrition & Diet


Human beings’ need for nutrition in order to maintain their existence is a natural law. A long and healthy life is everybody’s dream, and we need a healthy body for this. Thus, the healthy nutrition has been very important in every stage of life. The children and young people who have been healthily nourished grow, develop, and learn better. Good nutrition also helps a healthy pregnancy and breastfeeding. The healthy diet and an active life are significant in terms of the persons’ feeling good and their enhancement of life quality. Every individual has the right of being healthy without giving up the flavor and secure nourishment opportunities.

When Do You Need for Feeding Suggestions and Diet Therapy?
During the pregnancy or pre-pregnancy
If you breast feed your baby
If you prepare food for children and young people
If you have a chronic disease which you have to live with
If you are interested in sport and any physical activity
If you try to lose weight, gain weight or conserve your present weight
If you accompany with an old person of your family
If you want to change your life style and feeding way in order to keep in form and be healthy?
In our polyclinic, which has been founded with the aim of the treatment of the obesity disease rapidly spreading in our country and all over the world in recent years, the treatment has been applied under the control of the doctor and dietician. The patients, who have been examined as required by the doctor, begin a diet therapy by the dietician if there is no problem. Absolutely private diet programmes have been applied so that the patient can come to the weight targeted by carrying out the required measurements of the patients; and regular controls have been successfully provided. To keep weight that has been reached is also as significant as to lose weight; thus, a consultancy service for the essential nutrition has been given to our patients.

Moreover, more effective results have been obtained by using the latest technology which measures the oil rate (%), the oil quantity (kg), skim mass (kg) and the whole body fluid, and the structured weighing devices.

Absolutely private diet therapy has been applied to our patients who have been diagnosed as diabetes newly or in advance, by realizing the required measurements under the dietician in our polyclinic. The diet therapy in diabetes is a medical process of treatment.

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