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Ear - Nose - Throat


Our ENT department in Sante Plus Group operates with an advanced and modern medical technology followed by an expert team with quality guarding services.

Who is afraid of the tonsil surgery?!

In Sante Plus Group the waste can be easily removed without damaging the surrounding tissue, thanks to the thermal welding system.

During this method, there is a high heat power. Compared to other methods, there is a way to reduce the damage of the surrounding tissue.

In this case, other methods cause bleeding and postoperative pain. The intake of the anesthetics for this method is shorter, with less pain and a shorter period of stay in the hospital or the patient can be released at the same day.

In Sante Plus Group besides the usual ANT intervention and surgery, for all the relevant patients following surgical treatments are being accomplished: endoscopic sinus surgery, head and neck surgery, ear surgery (tympanoplasty, radical masteoidectomy, and stapedoctomy), surgery or radiofrequency treatment for snoring, vocal cord surgery (micro laryngoscopy with excision).

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